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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Montreal Trivia Quiz For Old Farts

Bigger print for easy reading.

Trivia answers will be disclosed in 1 week.



#1 Who said “Viva La Quebec Libre” and where did he say it in Montreal?

#2 What was the name of the Montreal YMCA camp near St. Sauveur?

#3 What was the name of the bakery that did home deliveries in green trucks and where did they bake their bread?

#4 in the 1950s there was an insert in the Saturday Montreal Star. In the insert during the winter there was a large picture of an NHL hockey player each week. What was the name of the insert and who was the sports editor?

#5 Who chose the name of the the Place Ville Marie?

#6 In 1954 the Montreal Alouettes football team played the Edmonton Eskimos for the Grey Cup. Montreal was up by 5 points and had possession of the ball at the Edmonton 10 yard line with just a few minutes left in the game. What Montreal player fumbled the ball and what Edmonton player picked up the ball and ran it back ran the for the winning touchdown?

#7 What did the Bonfire Restaurant on Decarie Boulevard call their chili dogs and what did you do if you wanted curb service?

#8 What kind of beer was only available in the springtime in Montreal?

#9 In the 1950s a lot of kids read the Hardy Boys books. Many of those stories were written by a Canadian woman. What pen name did she and others who wrote the books use?

#10 What 2 hotels had outdoor restaurants on Sherbrooke Street in the 1950s?

#11 Who was the manager of the Montreal Royals baseball team from 1950-1953 who later went on to manage the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Los Angeles Dodgers for 22 years?

#12 Name 4 rides at Belmont Park.

#13 Who was the criminal and mass murderer the Quebec police shot to death in 1975?

#14 What was the name of the band leader who lived in Hampstead, had a long gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, and later became the musical director of The Smothers Brothers Show and The Glenn Campbell Good Time Hour in the US?

#15 What was stolen from St. Joseph’s Oratory in 1973 and recovered a year later?

#16 What Montreal mayor once lived in NDG on Marcil Avenue?

#17 What other team did Sam Etcheverry coach in Montreal other than the Alouettes?  

#18 Why did so many First Nations men from the Montreal area go to New York City in the 1950s?

#19 What Montreal Canadien hockey player once wrestled a bear?

#20 What was the name of the florist on Cote de Neige Road near the Mount Royal Cemetery and what distinction did it have?

#21 What was the name of the deli next door to the Seagram’s Building?

#22 Who took over the West End Gang after Dunie Ryan was killed?

#23 What day of the week did bank robberies occur most in Montreal in the 1950s?

#24 What was the name of the American auto racer who raced at St. Jovite in the 1960s whose family owned a baby food company? What car did he race in?

#25 Name 5 Montreal phone number prefixes from the 1950s. (Example: Dexter 7095).  

#26 In the Dick and Jane books in grade school they had a younger sister, a cat, a dog, and an uncle. Can you name all 4 of them?

#27 Back in the day in Montreal some boys wore “flying boots” in the winter. Did they have zippers or snaps and how many?

#28 There used to be a pinball arcade on Ste. Catherine Street a few blocks east of Atwater around 1960. Do you know what it was called?

#29 Name 3 characters who were featured in Harvey comics.

#30 Who was the first player picked by the Montreal Expos in the expansion draft in 1968?

#31 What year did the streetcars stop running in Montreal?

#32 What kind of fish is gefilte fish?

#33 What was the name of the hill in Westmount where some kids learned how to ski in the 50s?

#34 Name 5 “Classic” comic books and how much did they cost in the 50s?

#35 Who was Mike Fink?

#36 Back in the 50s Montrealers first started getting US American TV stations with their antennas. Where were the US cities and towns located and what US networks did they belong to?

#37 In the early 1960s Japanese motorcycles started to be marketed in Montreal. What was the name of the big motorcycle store in downtown Montreal?

#38 What two types of businesses did the most advertising in Montreal high school yearbooks in the 50s and 60s?

#39 Who was called “the most famous woman in Montreal” in the 1940s and 1950s?

#40 Name 3 two wheel bike manufacturers whose bikes were sold in Montreal in the 1950s.

#41 What was the name of the French Canadian family shown on TV in Montreal in the 1950s in both French and English?

#42 In what suburb of Montreal was the first A & W restaurant located?

#43 Years ago Montreal radio station CKGM had at different times two shit disturbers who liked to rile people up including French Canadians. One of them was American and the other was born in Montreal. Can you name them?

#44 What famous Montrealer spent part of WW2 in an internment camp?

#45 What Montreal restaurant was known for their “Pu-Pu Platter”?

#46 At what movie theatre in Montreal did Clayton Moore AKA The Lone Ranger make a personal appearance in the 1950s?

#47 What was Magic Tom’s last name and at what restaurant did he regularly entertain?

#48 What ex-Montrealer played football in the CFL and later became an American League baseball umpire?

#49 What number did the busses that ran along Ste. Catherine Street have on them?

#50 How do “idiot mittens” work?

#51 Name 4 hockey players who played for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens between 1955 and 1975.

#52 What cigarette brand had fly fishing as a theme on their packages?

#53 What was the name of the puppet on early Montreal TV who was dressed as a convict?

#54 What was CFCF TV’s Don McGowan’s mother’s maiden name and what did she do in 1928?

#55 What was the name of the Montreal nightclub that specialized in Dixieland music in the 1960s?

#56 What were you given when you ordered a Dixie Cup ice cream?

#57 What was Maypo?

#58 What Canadian boxer fought light-heavyweight Archie Moore for the world championship at the Montreal Forum in 1958?

#59 What was the name of the stadium built for Expo 67?

#60 What was Tom Terrific’s dog’s name?

#61 In what building in Montreal were Britain’s gold reserves stored during WW2?

#62 Who owned the Montreal folkie nightclub The New Penelope in the 1960s?

#63 Name 3 companies that made wooden hockey sticks.

#64 What was the best place to order poutine in Montreal in 1955?

#65 Two jazz greats were born in Montreal. One played piano and the other played the trumpet. What were their names?

#66 The Richard hockey riot happened in 1955. Who did Rocket Richard fight in the hockey game that night and what was noticeable about that player that made him look different than most other hockey players?

#67 What Montreal city councillor was instrumental in getting a major league baseball team (the Expos) for the city?

#68 Ted Zeigler, AKA Johnny Jellybean, was a regular on what US TV show in the 1970s?

#69 In 1965 a Montreal gangster broke out of prison and wrote then Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson a letter while he was on the lam. What was the gangster’s name?

#70 In 1967 the Winston Churchill Pub opened for business on Crescent Street. About a year or so later another nightclub opened next door that was rowdier than the Churchill and had cheaper beer. What was it called?

#71 What was the name of the pub near or on St. Lawrence boulevard that catered to the lunch crowd by carving hefty portions of roast beef?Birds flew around the pub and the rumour was that your beer was free if a bird crapped in it.

#72 Before they were a big deal on TV the comedy team of Rowan and Martin performed at what hotel in Montreal?

#73 What Montreal Alouette football player became well known for his portrait paintings?

#74 Name two events other than hockey, wrestling, and boxing that happened every year at the old Montreal Forum?

#75 What Montreal bar-b-que chicken restaurant has been in business the longest and when did it open?

#76 What famous American visited Montreal for 9 days in the 1860s?

#77 Who is credited with “cleaning up” Montreal in the 1940s and 1950s?

#78 What Montreal born singer had hit songs with “Lovin You Ain’t Easy” in 1971 and “What The Hell I Got” in 1975?

#79 Who founded The Montreal Neurological Institute?

#80 On what street was “Pigeon Hole Parking” located and what was unique about the place?

#81 What was the name of those tiny candy pellets that set your mouth on fire?

#82 Name 5 movie theatres that were located on Ste. Catherine Street in the 1950s.

#83 What field did the Montreal Royals play baseball on, what year did they cease operating in Montreal, and where did they move to?

#84 Who was Pierre Lalonde?

#85 What was the old name for Kahnawake?

#86 In 2006 Old Dutch Potato Chips acquired a potato chip company that was originated in Portland, Maine. The brand they bought was very popular in Montreal for decades starting in the late 1940s.. What was the brand name Old Dutch bought (and never used)?

#87 What high school did CBC radio story teller Stuart McLean attend when he was growing up in Montreal?

#88 What does “mille-feuille” mean in English and what is it?

#89 What colours were the match covers from Ben’s Delicatessen?

#90 What bottling company had a huge sign by the old Decarie Boulevard underpass?

#91 What former Montreal Alouette football coach was partly responsible for introducing the single post goal post?

#92 Name 3 bars in St. Sauveur from the 1950s and 1960s.

#93 What Montreal sporting goods chain went bankrupt in 1973? At one time they had stores in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

#94 What Hollywood actress who was born in Montreal had a brother named Douglas who was instrumental in the development of sound in movies?

#95 What Canadian aviation company manufactured planes in St. Laurent, Quebec starting in 1944?

#96 What Montreal sugar company was established in 1844?

#97 From 1969-1971 the Montreal Canadiens hockey team had a minor league team that also played at the Montreal Forum. What were they called and where did they move to?

#98 What Montreal park was once known as Logan Park?

#99 In the 1950s and 1960s many Montrealers vacationed at Lake George, New York. What was the name of the reconstructed fort there?

#100 What ship brought more English immigrants to Montreal and Canada than any other?




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