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Friday, 11 December 2015

Montreal Trivia Quiz For Old Farts......Answers

Montreal Trivia For Old Farts Answers

#1 French Prime Minister Charles De Gaulle said it on a balcony at Montreal City Hall in 1967.
#2 Camp Kanawana. It is still in operation.
#3 Pom Bakery. It was located on the corner of Ste. Catherine Street and The Glen in Westmount. Was owned by the Harrison brothers.
#4 The insert was called The Weekend Magazine and Andy O’Brien was the sports editor.


#5 Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau.

#6 Chuck Hunsinger (Montreal) and Jackie Parker (Edmonton). Parker was one of the CFL’s all-time quarterback greats. Back then some players played both offense and defense.

#7 Michigan Red Hots. If you wanted curb service you turned your car headlights on.
#8 Bock beer. Dow Breweries.
#9 Franklin W. Dixon. First 10 published…..#1 The Tower Treasure, #2 The House On The Cliff, #3 The Secret Of The Old Mill, #4 The Missing Chums, #5  Hunting For Hidden Gold, #6 The Shore Road Mystery, #7  The Secret Of The Caves, #8 The Mystery Of Cabin Island, #9 The Great Airport Mystery, #10 What Happened At Midnight? Brothers Frank and Joe. Their best friend was Chet Morton. They lived in the city of Bayport on Barnet Bay. Father Fenton Hardy was a Detective. They had an Aunt Gertrude. Ring any bells?

#10 The Ritz Carlton and The Berkley.

#11 Walter Alston. Jackie Robinson and Chuck Connors (The Rifleman) played for the Royals as did Roberto Clemente for part of 1 season.
#12 The Magic Carpet Ride, The Whirl-Away, The Wild Mouse, The Salt And Pepper. The House Of Mirrors (not really a ride).
#13 Richard Blass. Blass and his crew locked 10 men and 3 women in a bar locker and killed all 13 of them.
#14 Denny Vaughan.
#15 Brother Andre’s heart. Construction of the dome was completed in 1939.
#16 Sarto Fournier. Lived in a fourplex. Two domed lights were installed near the walk up to the house.
#17 The Quebec Rifles who later became the Toronto Rifles. Sam’s nick name was “The Rifle”. He played QB for the Alouettes and the St. Louis Cardinals in the NFL.

#18 To work on construction of high rise buildings and bridges. They seemed to have no fear of heights. They made pretty good money for the times. Several died in car accidents on their way back to Montreal on weekends while being drunk.
#19 Marcel Bonin. He has 4 Stanley Cup Rings, 3 with Montreal and 1 with Detroit.

#20 McKenna’s Flowers. They opened a greenhouse that sold wholesale in 1852 and then opened their first retail store in 1878. They are thought to be Canada’s first flower store. Being close to the Mount Royal Cemetery was handy.

#21 Dankoff’s. Knockwurst on rye 35 cents. Maple Leaf goalie Johnny Bower ate there.
#22 Alan (The Weasel) Ross. Went to Willingdon School in NDG.  I knew him when I was a kid.
#23 Friday. Payday.
#24 Dan Gerber in a Cobra. He wore a tux with pin striped pants while racing sometimes.
#25 Walnut, Avenue, University, Regent, Murray, Hunter, Crescent, Dupont, Victor, Pontiac.
#26 Sally (younger sister), Puff (cat), Spot (dog) and Uncle Zeke.
#27 Two zippers in the front. Made of brown leather.
#28 Playland. Was owned by Moe Yacknin.
#29 Baby Huey, Casper The Friendly Ghost, Sad Sack, Hot Stuff, Richie Rich, Little Audrey.


#30 Manny Mota. Drafted from the Pittsburg Pirates.
#31 1959. There are stories that General Motors had a plan to get rid of streetcars in major Canadian and US cities and replace them with busses made by GM.
#32 Ground carp, whitefish or pike. About the only Jewish food I haven’t eaten.
#33 Murray Hill. Same name as the tour bus company.
#34 Ivanhoe, The Last Of The Mohicans, The Three Musketeers, A Tale Of Two Cities, Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote, The Pathfinder, The Deer Hunter, Lorna Doone, Silas Marner, The Invisible Man. The cost 15 cents. Other comics cost a dime.

#35 Mike fink was “king of the river”  an ornery keel boat operator in one of Walt Disney’s TV stories about Davey Crockett.

#36 NBC Plattsburgh, New York, CBS Burlington, Vermont, ABC Poland Springs, Maine (once owned by Jack Paar). Who?
#37 Honda City. You could buy a red 90cc there. I remember one night in the 60s three of us coming home drunk on a 90cc Honda.


#38 Banks and department stores.
#39 Stripper Lili St. Cyr. She wore pasties.

#40 CCM, Raleigh, Norton, not very many Schwinn’s.
#41The Plouffe Family. This was before The Pill.
#42 Dorval near the Dorval Circle.
#43 American born Joe Pyne and Montreal born Pat Burns. I’d like a nickel for every time they called someone a liar.

Joe Pyne
#44 Montreal mayor Camillean Houde. Wasn’t keen on conscription.
#45 Miss Montreal.

#46 The Kent Theatre on Sherbrooke Street in NDG.

#47 Magic Tom Auburn entertained regularly at the Piazza Tomasso Restaurant on Decarie Boulevard. At one time he lived on Marcil Ave. near Monkland in NDG.
#48 Jim McKean. Went to Monkland High.

#49 #15

#50 “idiot mittens” had a string attached to them. The string ran from one mitten up the inside of one arm of a coat and down the inside of the other arm to the other mitten. The idea was that mittens wouldn’t be lost if a child pulled one off of their hand.
#51 Dick Duff, Frank Mahovlich, Bert Olmstead, Ed Litzenberger, Larry Hillman, Dickie Moore.

Dick Duff in middle.
#52 Sportsman. Plain ends. My father smoked them.

#53 Pow Pow. I had a Pow Pow puppet when I was a kid. His head was made of rubber and for some reason I chewed on it.

#54 Myrtle Cook. She won a gold medal in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam in running.
#55 Your Father’s Mustache. Bill Conrod and Stuart McLean once worked there at one time.
#56 A small flat wooden spoon. There was a picture on the back of the round cardboard cover.
#57 A US breakfast cereal that looked like mud. Their TV ads had a cartoon of a spoiled child who always said “I WANT MY MAYPO!!!!!”

#58 Yvon Durelle from Bai Ste. Anne, New Brunswick. Durelle knocked the champion Archie Moore down 3 times in the first round. By today’s rules the fight would have been over. Moore knocked Durelle out in the 11th round. Moore played the role of the runaway slave Jim in the 1960 movie The Adventures of Huckleberry Flynn.

#59 The Autostade. (The Automotive Stadium. Capacity just over 33,000 people.)
#60 Mighty Manfred.
#61 The Sun Life Building. Once the tallest building in the British Empire
#62. Gary Eisenkraft. He opened his first Montreal folkie club in 1963 when he was 18. Between 1963 and 1968 he owned 3 night clubs. People he brought to Montreal include Ian & Sylvia, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Frank Zappa, James Cotton, and Paul Butterfield. Eisenkraft later lived in California and Hawaii. He is buried on Mount Royal.
#63 Hespeler, CCM, Sherwood, Easton, Bauer, Victoriaville, Northland.
#64 Poutine didn’t exist in 1955. Trick question?
#65 Oscar Peterson and Maynard Ferguson. Saw Ferguson once in Hamilton, Ontario.

#66 Boston Bruin Hal Laycoe. He wore eyeglasses while playing hockey as did Al Arbour.

#67 Gerry Snyder. He also owned a sporting goods store.
#68 The Sonny and Cher Show.
#69 Lucien Rivard.
#70 The Boiler Room.
#71 Damned if I know?
#72 The Queen Elizabeth. Saw Frank Sinatra Jr. walk through the lobby there once with an ape like bodyguard.
#73 Tex Coulter. Lived in NDG.
#74 The Ice Capades and The Shriner’s Circus. Remember 32 clowns getting out of a small car?

#75 The Chalet Bar-B-Q on Sherbrooke Street near Girouard. They opened for business in 1944. 15 cents for double bagged greasy fries up  until the early 70s.

#76 John Wilkes Booth who assassinated US president Abraham Lincoln in 1865.
#77 Pax Plante.
#78 Michel Pagliaro.
#79 Dr. Wilder Penfield.
#80 It was located on Mansfield Street near Sherbrooke. They took your car away in an elevator and parked it.
#81 Sen-sen.


#82 Loews, The Capital, The Princess, The System, The York, The Palace, The Strand.
#83 Delorimier Stadium. They stopped playing in Montrreal in 1960 and moved to Syacuse, New York in 1961.
#84 A French Canadian singer.
#85 Caughnawaga.
#86 Humpty Dumpty.

#87 LCC on Royal Avenue in NDG.

#88 A 1000 leaves. It is a pastry.

#89 Red and yellow.

#90 Cott Beverages.
#91 Jim Trimble. I remember hearing about some guy pressing his bare ass up against a window in a restaurant in St. Sauveur where Trimble and QB Bernie Faloney and their wives were having dinner. I think it was called “a pressed ham”.
#92 The Inn, Nadeau’s and Nymark’s Lodge.
#93 Streeter and Quarles.
#94 Actress Norma Shearer. She retired from the movies in 1942 and married a former ski instructor.

#95 Canadair.

#96 Redpath Sugar.
#97 The Montreal Voyageurs. They moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
#98 Lafontaine Park.

#99 Fort William Henry.
#100 The Empress Of Britain. There were 3 versions of this ship over the years. My father was on one of them in 1926. Some guy asked him if he would be interested in doing some rum running.

Colin T Paterson-Left Coast Mumblings December 2015.

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