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Monday, 21 May 2012

Noyan, Quebec

In the summer of 1952 we rented a place in Noyan, Quebec which is right on the border of Canada and the United States. Our lodging was in a building that was kind of like a motel. The property was on the shore of Lake Champlain and was actually a working farm. It was owned by the Macallum family.
I don’t remember much about the farm other than seeing cows getting milked with those rubber hoses attached to their udders, the salty kind of smell of fresh milk, and a dirt road that had grass growing down the middle of it and seemed to wander over the horizon.
A year or two ago my older brother David and his wife Barbara poked around the farm and took some pictures. They even had a peek at an old registry book that had our family listed as guests in 1952.
The horse in the picture was called Bucky.

Noyan, Quebec 1952

Noyan, Quebec 1952

Noyan, Quebec 2011

Noyan, Quebec 2011...The place that we stayed at in 1952.

Across Lake Champlain in New York State near Rouses Point sits the ruins of Fort Montgomery. It was built in 1844 and was named after an American general who died near Quebec City when the US invaded Canada in 1775. When I was about 3 years of age we took a boat ride over to the fort and spent a few hours there.

Fort Montgomery

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